Spanish Wells, Bahamas
Pink sand, clear waters and friendly people
Located on the small island of St.
George's Cay, Spanish Wells has a rich
history.  Settled by Loyalists and
Eleutheran Adventures over 300 years
ago, the friendly inhabitants still maintain
some of their English heritage in speech
and manner.  Only 1 1/2 miles by 1/2 mile
wide, it still has room for over 1500
residents, 400+ cars and more than 100
golf carts (as optional transportation).  
The island is not a tourist destination but
rather a working island where the main
industry is fishing for the Spiny Lobster.
Access to the island is via boat, either  
private yacht, water taxi from nearby
North Eluethera, the fast ferry from
Nassau and Harbour Island or the
"Eleuthera Express", a 140 foot freighter
that plys the water to and from some of
the nearby islands and Nassau.
"Junior"  Pinder, Captain
of the "Eleuthera Express"
The "Eleuthera Express"
dockside in Harbor Island
A well-kept and colorful
home typical of the island
Unspoiled beach on the
north side of the island
The tourist's view of the
beach and the ocean
Fishing smack at
dock in the village
Spanish Wells
friends with Carole
Spanish Wells from the air
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The Island's only hotel
View from the east
end of the island
Richie Pinder, Carole, Don, the
late Ina Curry and SueLynn Pinder
Ham radio equipment
set-up:  C6AQX call sign
Mother and daughters:
SueLynn and Diana
Pinder and Ginny Albury
Looking west from the east end:
Pierre Rock in the distance
Spanish Wells , Home of Eleuthera's Adventurers
The Adventurers Resort
Spanish Wells Nautical Chart
Splash 89.9 Radio Station
Fast Ferry Service
The "Bo Hengy" fast ferry
serving Spanish Wells,
Harbor Island and Nassau
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